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<![CDATA[Kilkenny Sunset]]>Mon, 05 Oct 2015 10:39:15 GMThttp://www.yolenedabreteau.net/photo-blog/kilkenny-sunset
Sunset in Kilkenny, October 2015.

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Kilkenny clouds, September 2015.

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Belgian cloudscape, 2015.

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Kilkenny evening cloudscape - September 2015

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<![CDATA[Hilary and Conor's Wicklow Wedding]]>Mon, 14 Sep 2015 11:17:10 GMThttp://www.yolenedabreteau.net/photo-blog/hilary-and-conors-wicklow-wedding
On a beautiful Friday morning last June, my assistant second shooter extraordinaire Rebekah and I made our way early to Hilary's parents' house. From bridal preparations to the first dances at night, we were to photograph Hilary and Conor's amazing wedding day.
After photographing the bridal preparations with hair and make up for the bride, her mother and bridesmaids (her two sisters), we headed to the location of the wedding: the stunning Trudder Lodge in County Wicklow.
Hilary and Conor had a beautiful humanist ceremony in the walled gardens of the venue. This was followed by cocktails on the lawn outside the impressive house. I used that time to take Hilary and Conor away from the party and get a few photos of the two of them. It was a bit of a 'hey, we just got married' moment that I know is important for a couple to appreciate quietly for a few minutes. It allows them to breathe and relax and share that moment just for themselves.
I did not keep them for too long though as I know how great it also is to spend time with family and friends over cocktails after the ceremony.

The ceremony and cocktails were followed by a delicious meal served by Galway-based caterer Yumtree Kitchen. As the guests made their way to their tables, they found some scrumptious Middle East style mezze dishes waiting to be enjoyed (flat breads, hummus, whipped feta dip, salads etc.). It was followed by a buffet of wonderful roast meats accompanied with salads and other delights and for dessert, a lemon tart that was to die for served with big bowls of Wexford strawberries and whipped cream.

Beautiful and emotional speeches were given by Conor and his groomsmen, Hilary and her dad. There also were a lot of funny anecdotes shared in those speeches (and I did find my assistant in tears of laughter after one of Conor's brother's speech).
The emotions, happiness, smiles and laughter really reflected how much Hilary and Conor mean to each other.

Later on, Hilary and Conor were joined by their family and friends on the dance floor with music from the band Shift and the Shifters (I only stayed for the first few dances and the little bit of their music I listened to was so great, I could have easily been tempted to join in but after a long day shooting, my legs were keen to get some rest).

What a wonderful thing it is for a photographer to capture all those details and emotions and to create images that will be kept forever as memories of this big day. And I am so happy I was able to do just this for Hilary and Conor. I wish them a whole lot of happiness!

(You can also find an article by Sarah Geraghty about their wedding day in the Irish Times).
- Humanist Ceremony and Reception at: Trudder Lodge, Newcastle, County Wicklow.

- Photographer's Assistant: Rebekah Burder.

- Wedding dress, headpiece and birdcage veil: Dirty Fabulous.

- Wedding shoes: Rachel Simpson at Vintage Pearl Bridal.

- Make up: Lisa Redmond for EF Creative Studios.

- Hair: Cathy Mc Nulty.
- Catering: Yumtree Kitchen.

- Wedding cake: Natasha Gibson of Little Cake Girl.

- Reception styling: Jette Virdi.

- Coffee; 3fe.

- Music: Shift and the Shifters.
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<![CDATA[Una and Stephen's Dublin City Wedding]]>Mon, 07 Sep 2015 13:00:49 GMThttp://www.yolenedabreteau.net/photo-blog/una-and-stephens-dublin-city-wedding
Back in May, the day before I was photographing this first wedding actually, I received an email from a lovely couple from Cork looking for a last minute photographer as they were getting married in Dublin three weeks later. I was in between two wedding shoot contracts but thought it is a small wedding and yes,why not capturing beautiful memories for another couple!
Because of time pressure, I ended up meeting Una and Stephen on their big day (we did have a few email and phone conversations of course first) at City hall in Dublin. They are such a sweet couple with lovely children and were surrounded by their happy family members and a lot of their friends. It was a small wedding party but let me tell you that the enjoyment floating around was very contagious!

After a lovely ceremony in Dublin City Hall (wow, this building is phenomenal!) and cocktails, Una and Stephen, along with their families and friends, jumped on a private bus waiting for them outside the building.
Having enjoyed a few drinks in the pub next door, they all headed afterwards to Forest Avenue Restaurant for the reception. Amazing cocktails and canapés (if you are familiar with the food at Forest Avenue, you will know what I mean when I say it looked incredibly delicious!) were served, smiles were on everybody's faces, beautiful and emotional speeches were given and it was a pleasure for me to be able to capture all those moments for Una and Stephen.
I wish them once again all the best of happiness, what a great day it was!
<![CDATA[An intimate wedding on Inchidoney Island]]>Mon, 31 Aug 2015 13:02:59 GMThttp://www.yolenedabreteau.net/photo-blog/an-intimate-wedding-on-inchidoney-island
Last May, I made my way to West Cork, a part of Ireland I had not yet visited, to photograph a lovely intimate wedding at Inchidoney Island Lodge and Spa. The day was beautiful with a bright blue sky and the Irish sun shining on a perfect white sand beach.
The bride was stunning wearing a beautiful long vintage lace wedding dress and the groom really dapper wearing a dark blue suit (for privacy reasons I am not sharing those images here but believe me, the couple looked fantastic together).
The wedding had a lovely soft vintage feel to it with a gorgeous choice of flowers and details. The couple was surrounded by a small party consisting of their close family and friends. A small group of people but a whole lot of happiness. Note that the wedding cake was made by the groom's goddaughter, what a wonderful present!

This was the first official wedding I photographed and I am delighted I was able to capture some beautiful memories for the bride and groom. I also feel so lucky my first wedding was in such a stunning location.
I wish the lovely couple a lot of happiness for the years to come!
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